"INSECT SERIES" - Handmade Earring

This week allow me to be little more close to our Mother Earth. Yes! I am taking you to our little-grassy-lawn to find out the colourful insects around us. You heard right, I meant INSECTS, really! May be because of my craziness to crafts-making or may be to be little bit odd, I thought, let me bring together natural insects and my crafts. So I started picking up some real moments to get involved in my new project "The Insects Series" in a shape of handmade Earrings.

I found the colourful butterfly, sweet honeybee or even the scary bedbug/ladybird will be interesting subjects which ladies won't mind to wear on their ears. But it must look like the original one as well as light weight. 

To be very honest, this idea came to my mind when I was making the Multi-purpose Table Pot (you can read the article here). But this time I adopt a different technique so as to fit our ear and looks natural.

Here we go with the handmade earrings I made for you with your own natural beautiful insects earrings. Hope you will let them sit on your beautiful ears too.

The Ladybird

 The Butterfly

The Cicada

 The Honeybee

I have made of my own choice. It would be my pleasure if you have any suggestion on these too. May be you are looking for any other type or may be of different colour! Please let me know about your choices too so as to ad them in my coming projects.

As of now, there are only a single piece of these four types of insects are available in my store for sale. They are all available for made-to-order, if you have a custom order, please contact me in comments section below.

You may also find my below too!


Happy reading!


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