Mother's Day Flower Gift Basket | How To Decor A Perfect Mother's Day Flower Bouquet

Mother's Day is round the corner and this is a perfect flower bouquet for the event. Decorate with this flower basket and I'm sure she will surely love this simple and cute idea of gift.
Let's start and show your love to her! First I started with a bamboo basket and filled the inner base with foam rubber. Then painted with green acrylic paint. This foam rubber will hold the flower sticks in position. From a painted burlap sheet I cut some flower petals. Number of petals depend on how many you are going to use in one flower and number of flowers you are going to make. It varies due to size of the basket you use.

DIY: How to make jute flower bouquet in 7 minutes

Ever thought of making handmade jute flower or even fabric flower at home? See this video to learn how you can achieve this in just seven minutes!

Watch this video to learn step by step how you can make this simple and colorful homemade flower bouquet at your home. It requires simple techniques and most of your creativity.

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New Designs have come out to be the best sellers

Meet this new designs from our studio. We are happy to show this to you. Some of the great handmade designs are found here. Some are of hardened resin pendants with a wonderful combination of red and clear crystals; some are of terracotta figurine embedded in resin with a jute ties. Also available lockets and pendants of your choice. They are simply hard to resist your temptation.
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Exclusive sarees and drapes for this puja collections

Complementary JEWELRY set with every purchase. Check out these exclusive puja collection sarees specially designed by me.
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Playing with colors and brush: Portrait on cotton cloth

The other day I was in a relaxing mood by not trying to make new jewellery all the day. I was thinking of taking a day break from my usual schedule. Aadi, my only son, suggested me to pull down our family album to refresh his memory down the lane. So I was! After a while we both were dumped under a pile of albums.

We started with our wedding album and Aadi was so excited to seeing his parents in such funny costumes. It went for an hour. Then gradually we moved to his birthdays, starting from his first birth anniversary towards his sixth. He was trying to find his new "avatar" in every frame he saw. His eyes were wide open to grasp his grown-up-stories step by step. We enjoyed the moment thoroughly.

7 Tips to Keep Handmade Jewellery Safe & Clean

Jewellery are precious ; delicate and if it is handmade then it becomes more precious as these are being made by someone you personally know. You always have a one-to-one relation with the maker. May be because you had ordered something special for you or may be you have a custom colour on it which your maker had precisely worked on upon your request.
So every handmade pieces have its own story to tell and they become your storyteller. You have to keep them safe and clean so as to keep your delicate items with you forever. 
As a jewellery maker and a shop owner I encountered different issues related to the safeguarding the handmade items after their purchase from my shop. So I decided to mention some tips and tricks to keep handmade jewellery safe and to keep them clean.