Playing with colors and brush: Portrait on cotton cloth

The other day I was in a relaxing mood by not trying to make new jewellery all the day. I was thinking of taking a day break from my usual schedule. Aadi, my only son, suggested me to pull down our family album to refresh his memory down the lane. So I was! After a while we both were dumped under a pile of albums.

We started with our wedding album and Aadi was so excited to seeing his parents in such funny costumes. It went for an hour. Then gradually we moved to his birthdays, starting from his first birth anniversary towards his sixth. He was trying to find his new "avatar" in every frame he saw. His eyes were wide open to grasp his grown-up-stories step by step. We enjoyed the moment thoroughly.

When we were at this mission of finding new of us during our "album-time", my husband came from office and joined us over a cup of piping hot tea. By then we moved to our trip to Mandermani beach, a hot-spot by the Bay of Bengal. And when we landed with the picture below of my husband, he shouted and asked me to do it on his T-shirt. 

I took the challenge. Since I didn't do it before, I wanted to do a more homework before I landed with the final outcome.

So, I took my piece of cotton cloth where I used to make my roughs. First I take a print out of the photograph. Then I draw the outline and gradually started painting with brush strokes. After a while I got excited to looking at my work. I started believing that 'this is him'. I showed it to my family members and obviously to Aadi. He was in his full excitement looking his father on a piece of cloth.

I couldn't resist myself to upload it here beforehand. Now its time to make it on his T-shirt. 

The ORIGINAL photograph
Painted Portrait

Painted Portrait (a close up)

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