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How to schedule your craft making

Today's busy world forces you to be a bit upfront planner of whatever you are heading for. As a mother it's sometime very challenging to schedule my plan for making my handmade stuffs. To achieve the best I have to have a great balance between my family and my passion & love!
Today I will share my tested schedule which worked best for me. Please bear in mind that this depends on different situations and other factors which are beyond anyone's control. Here we go! 
·Plan, Plan and Plan ahead!    this will help you eliminating unknown factors which may affect your future planning.
·Write down the factorsfrom the above planning you will find the factors which you need to manage.
·Prioritize your factorsthis is a very important step as you have to take a decision on how you give priority to your factors.
üIf you are full timer – you need to emphasize on your craft making first leaving behind all other, because this will give you bread and butter
üNot a full timer? – go ahead wi…