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Hand paint linen bed furnishing

Fashion is indispensable in our life. It comes in forms of home décor show-piece, jewellery or dress materials. We have seen beautiful printed curtains to decorate our living and drawing rooms too. It's not limited to these forms only. It can be a beautifully crafted tea table or even a small candle stand! It's all about how you decorate your surroundings reflecting your taste all around.

Today I am presenting a new form of home décor / furnishing. It's in form of hand-painted linen bed cover. It's special because it's not printed. It's special because it has my personal touch, my passion. It's special because it's unique. It's special because it has a unique story to share. It's special because every line is precisely painted by hand. It's special because it's gorgeous.

Wall hanging: Terracotta Ganesha on Jute base

As I promised in my last blog to write about a wall hanging, here is the handmade item I made.

This beautiful home décor item is made of Jute with a terracotta Ganesha on top of it. As a base I used cardboard and wrapped jute cloth on it. A hand-paint terracotta Ganesha glued on it. And finally fixed six metal leaf petals to decorate the item and to give it a finishing touch. As border I used glittering lace to differentiate between single colour mid portion and the edge of the piece.

Terracotta on Jute: unique earrings

Happy Bengali New Year to all my readers!!!!  I wish this new year brings new things to your life.

On this auspicious day I am happy to launch a new product here which is a combination of Terracotta and Jute. Fashion and jewellery is an ever-changing trend. Fashion is what you wear, fashion is what you carry with your personality. A new product is launched everyday and here's mine.

A light & colourful earring for my young friend

Welcome to my blog again! As my second post today, I choose one of my favourite item for my young 'girlfriends'. Presenting the slim and beautiful earring for you!