7 Tips to Keep Handmade Jewellery Safe & Clean

How to keep handmade jewellery safe

Jewellery are precious ; delicate and if it is handmade then it becomes more precious as these are being made by someone you personally know. You always have a one-to-one relation with the maker. May be because you had ordered something special for you or may be you have a custom colour on it which your maker had precisely worked on upon your request.

So every handmade pieces have its own story to tell and they become your storyteller. You have to keep them safe and clean so as to keep your delicate items with you forever. 

As a jewellery maker and a shop owner I encountered different issues related to the safeguarding the handmade items after their purchase from my shop. So I decided to mention some tips and tricks to keep handmade jewellery safe and to keep them clean.

Before we could start, please bear in mind that we are only talking about "handmade" items which are made using only hand and tools. So they are delicate and need your some extra attention.

  • Keep in box:    it is recommended to keep your handmade jewellery in the box provided
  • Sensitive skin:    our skins are sensitive and some of us has more sensitiveness than others; so it is advised to use sanitiser before and after every use
  • Wiping out sweat:    as in the Indian sub-continental climate it is obvious to get sweats outside, specially during hot and humid condition hence to get best result from your unique piece always wipe out sweats from it after every use
  • Say no to water:    since most of the handmade items are made from easily available household raw materials specially when it is made from up-cycling used product or from jute as I do, it is advised NOT to wash or clean with water
  • Fragile; handle with care:    since most of the items are made of stones, beads, modelling clay, glass beads or even terracotta, your extra care needs to be given during handling these pieces since they are fragile in nature
  • Padding:    an extra cushion always works better, try to keep your love pieces on a cotton padding or you may wrap these with cotton cloths to give more protection
  • Keep them separate:    every single piece is equally important to you, try to keep them in separate boxes so as to avoid scratch during transportation or even during daily use

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