Color motif on terracotta vase

Few months back my parents moved into a new apartment and my mother was looking for an exclusive item for her main door to welcome her guests. She tried different things to suit her taste but alas! nothing could satisfy her. One day we all were having tea together discussing what to land at her door-step. Suddenly my father suggests me to make something that could bring attention to all of our new visitors.

This time I choose a terracotta vase to paint color motif on it. Aadi, my son was so excited in doing and helping me through the process of making it for his grandma. He helped me in sandpapering making the surface smooth and clean. You won't believe the base coat of black color was done by him only. Isn't it exciting?

Photo courtesy:    myDecor8Craft

The next step was to draw color circles. It was difficult to draw all the circles on the base. Lots of experimentation done before choosing the right color combination.

Photo courtesy:    myDecor8Craft

Now since the vase is ready, it requires the perfect decoration. So I decided to go on with jute again. Some handmade jute flowers made the final product.

Photo courtesy:    myDecor8Craft

Here's Aadi, feeling proud to be framed with his "painted output". Now his craft is ready to welcoming his grandma's guests to her new home.

Photo courtesy:    myDecor8Craft

In the end, this brings me a new order in a bigger size. Experimenting with a different motif this time. Well find it below. Do you like it? Please leave your comment.

Photo courtesy:    myDecor8Craft


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