A terracotta table vase decorated with handmade jute flowers

jute flower, terracotta painted vase, earthen pot, painted pot
Photo courtesy:  my Decor8 Craft
The other day while partying together with some of my school friends one of them wondered for not having any decorative piece on my reading table! Since then I was looking for an unique idea to make sure she likes it!

Keeping green products in mind I started working with jute, being a natural and virgin product this is very much recyclable and degradable. Started with cutting small pieces of petals and assembling them to form the complete flower took me some hours together which includes putting them onto the base of the pot. The most interesting part of this was the leaves. They are also made of jute only! probably the first of its kind (?)! The next step was to paint the earthen / terracotta pot to form the perfect base for the set. Again, the natural and recyclable materials come to set the stage.

The very next day I called her up to my home for having a cup of tea with me ( my intention was completely different though! ). Her first expression was WOW! and that made my day. We talked about the making of the piece for next an hour and she was so excited that she forgot to mention the aroma of the Darjeeling tea that I made for her. And I was happy that my craft could make someone shift her focus from flavour to new idea and uniqueness.

Ideal for:   table top, reading desk, corner stand, as decorative show-piece, gift item
Dimensions:   5 inch diameter, 250 gm


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